The un-Family

When did it even start to become OK to have children out of wedlock. I am in my 30’s and when people ask how many kids I have and I say none because “I have never been married”, all people look like that is the most alien statement they have ever heard.  In the mid 70’s when I was born, if a girl got pregnant her parents shipped her off to “camp” for the summer and we never ever heard about what happened.  Now days we have TV shows dedicated to these teen whores.  If you are in a position and can afford to pay for a child with no help from others then be my guest and have or adopt all you can afford.  However, since when do people think that having a child before marriage is OK.  These kinds of people are ruining our society.  Women who have children before marriage and especially young are so selfish and only think about what they want.  A child should never have a job to do when they are born.  When two people love each other enough to get married in front of GOD, and want to make babies that they can give everything to that they didn’t have.  A child is not there for a welfare check or money from the Father.  If you do it right the Father is already in the picture because you are married and already live together.  Women who have children and receive state aid should be put on the pill so they can’t get pregnant and if they do the state should refuse to pay and the parent can give the child up for adoption or get a job to pay for her being a whore.  If we keep paying for the whores in the world we will never get ahead and break the cycle.  A good man or woman will not be with a selfish whore who has  a child.  A good man or woman wants someone who is responsible and actually thinks about his/her actions.  Please start acting like Men and Women should act and stop acting like selfish whores.

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One Response to The un-Family

  1. geewayne3000 says:

    She’s at it again!!!!!!

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