Shoe on the Other Foot-Cops are Criminals

The recent killing of the US Marshall in St. Louis Missouri has a lot of people talking.  The man who shot and killed this Marshall, doing his job, was also murdered by the police, or judge and jury as we call them in St. Louis.  A picture of the dead man was taken by St Louis City police officers and broadcast throughout the department and their friends and family.   The authorities say they want the phone records from these so-called protectors of society but the cops in question keep getting extensions saying it is their privacy and the privacy of others in their family.  Well, how does it feel.  If you are a criminal or have ever known one the police harass you and all friends and family.  You can’t even know someone in passing.  The police then say that you are a criminal and want your records so they can harass innocent people.  These men should be fired and prosecuted for the crimes that they have committed and all their records should be made public.  I know a few police in the area and they are the biggest law breakers around.  I have seen them drink on duty and they are always drunk driving while off shift not to mention all the people they take advantage of due to their so-called “power”.  I really hope the family of murdered man by the police sue everyone involved.  Sue the city of St. Louis, the US marshals for having StLPD there and all the people whose phone that picture was sent to and from.  If you got the picture you should have snitched on your cop friend.  After all, that is what they want everyone else to do.  Be a good citizen and start reporting all the police you see on and off duty committing crimes.

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