is this really “AMERICA”

Can somebody please tell me why Sarah Palin is thinking about running for President.  If anybody in this country, especially Alaska, would vote for her they should be thinned out.  Even if you use to support her,  she quit.  She walked out on her office.  She could and would walk out on being President and probably for a reality show.  She should never be allowed to run for girl scout president.  Our leaders should be our true role models for our youth.  Why would we put a quitter in office?  If she walks out all we could say is, “well here we go again”.   Aren’t we smarter as Americans’?  I guess we will see at the next election.  If she is allowed to run it will be a disgrace to this country and I will consider leaving because it will no longer be the best country on Earth but a joke.   There are all these regulations put on everything in this country depending on your record, religion, race, sex, and how much money you make:  where you went to school and where you work.   Please stand up for this country and don’t make us look like a joke.  Don’t put someone in office who will make us look like a joke……!  Let reality stay just that……dumb reality TV.   It’s only TV folks.  Get in the game.

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