The un-Family

When did it even start to become OK to have children out of wedlock. I am in my 30’s and when people ask how many kids I have and I say none because “I have never been married”, all people look like that is the most alien statement they have ever heard.  In the mid 70’s when I was born, if a girl got pregnant her parents shipped her off to “camp” for the summer and we never ever heard about what happened.  Now days we have TV shows dedicated to these teen whores.  If you are in a position and can afford to pay for a child with no help from others then be my guest and have or adopt all you can afford.  However, since when do people think that having a child before marriage is OK.  These kinds of people are ruining our society.  Women who have children before marriage and especially young are so selfish and only think about what they want.  A child should never have a job to do when they are born.  When two people love each other enough to get married in front of GOD, and want to make babies that they can give everything to that they didn’t have.  A child is not there for a welfare check or money from the Father.  If you do it right the Father is already in the picture because you are married and already live together.  Women who have children and receive state aid should be put on the pill so they can’t get pregnant and if they do the state should refuse to pay and the parent can give the child up for adoption or get a job to pay for her being a whore.  If we keep paying for the whores in the world we will never get ahead and break the cycle.  A good man or woman will not be with a selfish whore who has  a child.  A good man or woman wants someone who is responsible and actually thinks about his/her actions.  Please start acting like Men and Women should act and stop acting like selfish whores.

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Shoe on the Other Foot-Cops are Criminals

The recent killing of the US Marshall in St. Louis Missouri has a lot of people talking.  The man who shot and killed this Marshall, doing his job, was also murdered by the police, or judge and jury as we call them in St. Louis.  A picture of the dead man was taken by St Louis City police officers and broadcast throughout the department and their friends and family.   The authorities say they want the phone records from these so-called protectors of society but the cops in question keep getting extensions saying it is their privacy and the privacy of others in their family.  Well, how does it feel.  If you are a criminal or have ever known one the police harass you and all friends and family.  You can’t even know someone in passing.  The police then say that you are a criminal and want your records so they can harass innocent people.  These men should be fired and prosecuted for the crimes that they have committed and all their records should be made public.  I know a few police in the area and they are the biggest law breakers around.  I have seen them drink on duty and they are always drunk driving while off shift not to mention all the people they take advantage of due to their so-called “power”.  I really hope the family of murdered man by the police sue everyone involved.  Sue the city of St. Louis, the US marshals for having StLPD there and all the people whose phone that picture was sent to and from.  If you got the picture you should have snitched on your cop friend.  After all, that is what they want everyone else to do.  Be a good citizen and start reporting all the police you see on and off duty committing crimes.

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is this really “AMERICA”

Can somebody please tell me why Sarah Palin is thinking about running for President.  If anybody in this country, especially Alaska, would vote for her they should be thinned out.  Even if you use to support her,  she quit.  She walked out on her office.  She could and would walk out on being President and probably for a reality show.  She should never be allowed to run for girl scout president.  Our leaders should be our true role models for our youth.  Why would we put a quitter in office?  If she walks out all we could say is, “well here we go again”.   Aren’t we smarter as Americans’?  I guess we will see at the next election.  If she is allowed to run it will be a disgrace to this country and I will consider leaving because it will no longer be the best country on Earth but a joke.   There are all these regulations put on everything in this country depending on your record, religion, race, sex, and how much money you make:  where you went to school and where you work.   Please stand up for this country and don’t make us look like a joke.  Don’t put someone in office who will make us look like a joke……!  Let reality stay just that……dumb reality TV.   It’s only TV folks.  Get in the game.

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Jail, Japan, and the 1st Amendment

We like to think that the people we work with are wonderful and always there to lend a helping hand.  There are always people we don’t really get along with or understand, but there are always those there we only see at work and just “think the world of”.  Well, let me tell you, when they get off work and stop by the bar to have a few beers the real “them” comes out.  I can’t take it anymore and decided to let all of you deal with it.

First of all if police were really prejudice or doing there job, Chris Brown would be in jail and we would be congratulating Barry Bonds on all the great memories.  Nobody went after Mark McGwire or Lenord Little of the STL Rams when he hit people on TWO different occasions while being drunk.  However, Barry lied to the court about steroids……ooohhhhhh!!!!!   If that was Charlie Sheen it would be on TMZ and we would all be watching and talking about it tomorrow art work.  CHris Brown can hit women, destroy property, and place people in harms way and all is well.  It’s not race people….it’s our own stupidity.

Next on the list is Japan.  We were at war in the 1941.  If we hate them so much that we laugh at the horrible state there country and people are in, why do any of us watch TV or have a cell phone?  Nobody is better because they are born in one country or another.  We are all the same.  Maybe when you need help it will be a person of Asian descent, because they do know better.  We better take a good look and learn what they did right and wrong and make changes in our own Nuclear Programs.  It is no time to criticize because at any moment “Mother Nature” could say that it is our time and I really hope somebody helps us.

My last topic is a news article I read on the internet about a man in Florissant Missouri.  He was told he could not have a sign in his yard that read “JESUS”.  He received a letter saying he would be fined if he did not remove the sign.  He has since been told otherwise.  Well, how did the gov. elect official get elected if he did not put signs in peoples’ yards who supported him.  I wish all those people would stand up and state their addresses and press charges so applicable fines could be set for the correct person.  This is someone’s yard.  He works, pays taxes, and makes his community a better place.  Electoral signs are OK, but believing in JESUS or GOD evidently to FLorissant, is not.  If you believe in Jesus maybe Florissant is not the place for you.

Next blog saturday evening to let you know what all those people around you at work really think.

PS  If England interfered in America’s Civil War,  we would never be able to say that we are the greatest country on Earth.

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